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Other Possible Projects

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Some Teacher thoughts


Project 1 Money Conversion




I think it might be interesting to compare our countries using ratios and unit rates. For example, it costs $5.75 to see a movie in Decatur. How much does it cost in Winnipeg? Convert Canadian money to US and US to Canadian. This could be done over a period of several weeks with a different item being compared every day or so. A gallon of milk costs.....What sizes is milk sold in in Canada, and how much does it cost?



This might be done in groups. You could have a food group, entertainment group, travel group etc. They could create lists of things that they use in their lives and compare with what the other students are choosing.





Project 2 Scale


Timeline Completed by Jan 26






Project 3 House Proportions


Timeline I Week to work on Project 3 Days to upload to the wiki.Feb 5 completion date?




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