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Teachers' Planning Page

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Things to do



9:27 PM

I got into that video feeling again. I think we can start to use these tools and start to really have fun with the students.

9:28 PM

It would be great to have an optional part of the project being to create a screencast or other tutorial device to explain what is going on during the bubbleshares etc. It would satisfy the "enrichment needs" of some of my students.

9:30 PM

I was over at worldbridges and talking to Lee Barber from new york. She has created http://www.communitywalk.com/map/17934 and other sites. It could be a link into other subject areas and more possible IB qualifications. the students could introduce their schools to each other.

9:31 PM

I am just typing outloud. I hope you get this.

9:32 PM

We need to add audio and video to this project. Using evoca... like an answering machine http://evoca.com/ creating a podcast..reading their final bubbleshares...and doing a screencast tutorial are all possibilities.

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